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Erzsébetváros the Jewish Quarter


Today was going to be a pretty chilled day after the busy previous two days, so we decided to follow a walk around the Jewish quarter, so after some breakfast off we set on our walk. We decided to do the walk in reverse as the end point was near where we staying, so the first stop on our walk was the magnificent  Jewish Synagogue which incidentally is the largest in europe. When we approached I could not help thinking that in some ways the building resembled a mosque, it was not until went on the guided tour that it was in fact built between 1854 and 1859 in the Moorish revival and was based on Islamic models in North Africa so initial thought was in fact right. Once inside we were greeted by a magnificently decorated building absolutely breathtaking. As we went in, me being the male in our party was handed a skull-cap which all men had to wear, now anyone that knows me knows I have quite spiky hair so the skull-cap did not sit well upon my head to the great amusement of my wife and our friend Jackie. After the tour of the inside it was outside to the memorial garden and the Jewish cemetery, now the cemetery is not a large affair as one would expect but a relatively small courtyard where the two thousand of those who died in the ghetto from hunger and cold during the winter 1944-1945 are buried in a mass grave, a very sobering experience but in my opinion one we need to be reminded of as the atrocities that went on during the war years should never be forgotten and hope that it never happens again.

After our visit we continued to follow the guided walk from our lonely planet guide-book, which took us through the once war-time ghettos, obviously they are not ghettos now but you can see from the obviously densely populated tenement building what it must have been like.

After our tour of the synagogue and our walk it was time for some refueling and one street I would recommend for this is Liszt Fernec Square well it is not quite a square but a long street with gardens down the middle, but with lots of bars and restaurants to choose from, in fact we came here a couple of times during our stay and I would throughly recommend it. Top tip try the chicken or catfish paprikash with gnocchi absolutely delicious. Tomorrow Margaret island and our Danube river trip