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  1. Great bio Bob. Before switching careers to an occupational safety and health director (numerous Federal agencies), I was on a medical rescue team in the military, then I joined a fire department in California as a civilian. Like you said, a lot of stories – some horrific and sad . . . some outright funny.

    Ironically, I was certified by the State of Colorado to enter State prisons, where I did volunteer work (speaking to inmate groups about spirituality, drug and alcohol abuse. I did that for 3 years before getting burned out. Concurrent with that, I was also working with “at risk” youth.

    Take care and again, excellent post!


    • Thanks for nice comments. How strange you said your worked for the fire dept and then moved onto the prison service, well after retiring from the fire service I currently now work on a part time basis in the prison service in the maintenance dept stores, not a bad job, pays for our holidays so cannot be all bad


    • Sorry Steve felt I had to reply again re your comments on my “about me” page, just read my page again it’s been a long while since I looked at it and I had already mentioned that I worked for the prison service sorry to repeat myself. All the best Bob


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