Sierpe : Costa Rica.

Sierpe : Costa Rica.

Our last but one stop before leaving glorious Costa Rica. We are visiting the small town of Sierpe. Our journey was to be taxi to the bus station, then a direct bus to Sierpe with the Tracopa bus company. We asked the waiter in La French café where we were having breakfast if he would kindly call us a taxi, when a very kind Canadian who also was having breakfast and who now lives in Costa Rica offered us a lift, a very nice gesture indeed. The bus company we used Tracopa, are recommended in the guide books, they have a fleet of large coaches which serve most large and small towns in Costa Rica. Along with another company called Ticabus. The journey took about two hours and cost 14,000 CRC which is about £16.

We came to Sierpe to do a couple of things, one was to take a night hike in the jungle and also take a tour of the extensive mangroves here. We also considered visiting the Corcovado National Park, but after quite a bit of research we gave it a miss. Which is kind of sad as the park is billed as the jewel in the crown of Costa Rica’s national parks. Our reasons were firstly you can only enter the park with an authorised guide “ which isn’t a problem in itself “ but the only way to get there from Sierpe was to take a boat along the river to where you will eventually go out to sea, all this is before you reach the San Pedrillo ranger station. This journey takes around one and a half hours. After which you will disembark for your hike. There are other ways of getting to the park, (click here, to find out more). It’s also recommended you stay overnight in basic accommodation or to camp to get the best experience. As we had visited quite a few National parks on our trip we have learnt that you need to be in the parks early to get the best possibility of sighting wildlife. Taking the tour as above you would not arrive until possibly 10am, that’s if sea conditions are good. Another factor was the cost. At around $120 to $130 dollars per person, and the fact that it’s getting towards the end of our trip, and the budget was getting a little tight we did not go.

After viewing google maps of Sierpe we decided to stay for five nights, as there looked like there was plenty to do. Unfortunately Google hasn’t got around to or are not allowed to perform their street view imagery, (That goes for the whole of Costa Rica) so we could not have a good look as to what Sierpe is really like. When we arrived, the bus stopped outside a hotel called Oleaje Sereno, which also has a restaurant called Le Perla attached . There were a load of people waiting at the dock, either for their tour to Corcovado or going onto their accommodation at drake bay. So we thought the town seems lively enough so we would be okay with our five nights. It wasn’t until everyone had gone and just left me and Jackie alone in this large restaurant we noticed the town was deserted, apart from a few stray dogs and tumbleweed rolling down the street (not really) and the fact that the restaurant we were in, was one of only two in town, we looked at each other and said what on earth were we going to do for five nights?

We called the owner of the apartment we had booked, to arrange access. She told us to wait there and somebody would meet us. A lovely little Costa Rican woman greeted us and showed us around. It was quite nice but a lot darker than the photos on but it was okay. We were still wondering what we were going to do for the next four days, but we need not have worried . Just read my next post, as I feel it needs a separate entry on the blog to do it justice. It was just amazing.

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