Sky Adventures : Monteverde, Costa Rica

Sky Adventures : Monteverde, Costa Rica

When we were planning our trip to Costa Rica, and after reading about the Monteverde area, one thing that caught our attention was the cloud bridges through the rainforest. Whilst in Monteverde we looked into it further and it appears that a company has bought a huge area of the rainforest and erected zip lines throughout, a bungee jumping platform a sky tram and a tree climbing experience. Which goes against all that we believe in. How on earth can a huge area of rainforest be allowed to be purchased, by some big conglomerate whose only intention is to make lots of money, allowing thousands of people a year shouting and screaming along zip wires upsetting nature. So our dilemma was do we go or not.

Unfortunately as this was our only option to see the rainforest from above so we booked a ticket which was just walking the bridges. Priced at $41 each. With reluctance I have to say we throughly enjoyed. It was so good to see the forest from above. We were able to see many hummingbird’s collecting the pollen from the flowers. We also saw a group of howler monkeys sitting in the middle of one of the bridges. We stood with a group of people who were all respectful towards them. We all proceeded very slowly as to not disturb them too much, and with some trepidation. They all then climbed into the adjacent trees and gave us a fantastic view. The camera shutters were furiously clicking away.

I have to say the experience was really good and thankfully we did not hear too many screaming people flying along the zip lines. As a bonus and whilst we were waiting for the bus back to town, sitting in the ticket hall when a Coati wandered in, tipped over the bin, prised the lid off and run off with some contents. They are so naughty they are our second favourites of naughtiness next to monkeys.

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