Monteverde National Park: Costa Rica

Monteverde National Park: Costa Rica

Today we visited the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve The Cloud Forest Reserve is located on the Tilarán mountain range in northern Costa Rica at an elevation of 1500 meters (5000 feet) above sea level and is situated on the continental divide “Which means that when the rains fall on the mountain, and into the rivers it either flows out into the Atlantic Ocean on one side or the Pacific Ocean on the other. There are various trails to take throughout the park, which are all fairly easy. Just as we had started our walk we came across a friendly Coati foraging about for food, taking no notice of us at all. On the return leg a couple of American guys told us that further along the path was a crab. Now considering we were in a rain forest and miles from the sea, it was the last thing we expected to see. I took some photos and he was getting rather feisty with both claws out wide, and snapping away with his claws. Quite funny really. The entrance cost for the park is $25 pp which is more expensive than some parks but worth it nonetheless

While sitting down to a cold drink waiting for the return bus we were serenaded by the amazing sound of the extremely loud howler monkeys. Another great day in Costa Rica.


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