Santa Elena : Monteverde

Santa Elena : Monteverde

After our taxi boat taxi trip we arrived at Santa Elena. We had booked a apartment for this leg of our stay so we could cook and eat in, as eating out can be expensive in Costa Rica. Our apartment Casa Monarca was a great base for us to explore Monteverde. Monteverde is 1330 metres above sea level, and is described by National Geographic, as the jewel in the crown of cloud forests. On doing our research before our trip it was definitely on our list of places to visit whilst in Costa Rica.

One of our first places to visit in town was the amazing Orchid Garden. Entrance fee is $15pp which includes a guided tour, and in my opinion worth every cent. I suppose I have never really read up on orchids or wanted to for that matter, but I was thoroughly enthralled by the tour. We learnt so much about them, like they don’t need to be rooted in earth to survive, they can appear on anything really from a piece of moss covered driftwood, even a cable along the street where a piece of moss has gathered. Also they don’t only grow in tropical areas, our guide told us they can also be found in Alaska. There was one particular orchid, which is so tiny, and grows on the underside of a small leaf. The whole experience was fascinating.

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