A walk through the mangrove: Cahuita

A walk through the mangrove: Cahuita

Today we did the second part of Parque Nacional Cahuita. The entrance to this part of the Park is a short bus ride from town. You need to ask for a ticket to Puerto Vargas. When you get off the bus, immediately opposite is a unmade road, walk about 200m then you will come across the park entrance. Entry to the park will cost just a little over $5 per person, which is extremely good value.

The walk starts just after the car parking area, and behind the toilet block. Don’t worry you will not have to wade through the mangrove as the whole 2 mile walk to the beach at the end , is on a boardwalk. Along the way you will encounter Howler Monkeys, White faced Capuchin Monkeys. We did not encounter many bird’s though, either because it was mid to late afternoon or they had all migrated due to the imminent rainy season. All along the way we were serenaded by the most amazing cacophony of sound coming from what must have been hundreds of frog’s. But although we stopped on numerous occasions to try and spot one of them it was to no avail. But having that soundtrack playing all the way along the journey was just amazing. We eventually got to the beach having walked very slowly to get an elusive view of the wildlife. It was such an amazing experience walking through the jungle mangrove’s. Trying to peer further into the jungle from the boardwalk was fruitless as it was so dense. Just standing there imagining what other creatures lie beyond was mesmerising.

After we return to the entrance we were both quite exhausted. We hoped that we would not have to wait to long for a bus back to Cahuita. Also that it would not be to crowded like on the journey to the park. But a saviour in the form of a very beat up mini bus and it’s very friendly craggy faced local shouting out the window “Cahuita Cahuita“. We asked how much and he said 1000 Crc per person, £1.17 the decision was a no brainier. He managed to fill his mini van up with exhausted people from the park. Good luck to him I say

I’ve posted some videos on my YouTube channel Click Here

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