Parque Nacional Cahuita : Costa Rica

Parque Nacional Cahuita : Costa Rica

Finally today we got to visit the Cahuita National park. After being thwarted by the 36 hour non stop torrential rain. That’s why Costa Rica is so lush and green, and mostly rain forest.

When we arrived at the park, the ranger at the entrance said the the park is only open about halfway. This was due to the rain. As on the main path you get to an inlet from the sea which you have to cross. Normally it’s about ankle deep to cross, but due to the rain getting across was impossible as according to the ranger the level of the water is about chest high.

The total return walk was around two miles, which if I’m honest was enough in 32° heat. We saw some amazing wildlife along the way. Just at the park entrance two very large iguanas were walking towards us waiting in the queue. They are just majestic looking creatures. We saw a couple of sloths, a really vivid bright yellow snake called a eyelash pit viper, the name said it all when one of the rangers told us it was extremely venomous. Quite a few White faced capuchin monkeys, all getting up to mischief. The path boarders the sea on one side and a lot of people were enjoying the sun and having a picnic, the monkeys were in the trees eying up the delights to be had. We could have watched them for hours. They are so mischievous. When we got to the end of the walk just by the flooded inlet there were lots of blue land crabs. A really great day.

And to top our day off, when we arrived back at our hotel there was a sloth lazing about in the tree opposite our balcony.

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