Cahuita : Costa Rica.

Cahuita : Costa Rica.

We arrived at Cahuita (pronounced Kah We Ta) after a very nice and easy journey crossing the border was simple, also as from the 1st of April you no longer have to fill out an entry form online, which was an added bonus. We booked to stay at a self contained bungalow called Caribe Luna, which incidentally I would not recommend. It was in urgent need of some TLC and a bloody good clean. Also once again the photos were not accurate. The reason we went for the self catering option is that firstly we are away for 10 weeks, and Costa Rica like Panama is quite expensive. So we thought that having a somewhere to cook, it would save us a bit of money. But we were rather disappointed with our choice, and certainly would not want to cook there. This left us feeling a bit glum. Oh well when you travel like we do these things happen. So we walked into town, got some food and a drink and things looked brighter.

Cahuita is situated about a twenty minute bus ride north of the larger town of Puerto Viejo, which is billed as a bit of a party town “we are yet to visit and find out”. We decided to stay in Cahuita because the guide book said it’s much quieter and more laid back than Puerto Viejo. Another reason we decided to stay here was it’s the gateway to the Parque Nacional Cahuita which we came to visit.

The town itself is lovely. Consisting of one main street, with the smaller side roads criss crossing in a grid formation. Most of the bars and restaurants are situated on the main street, but there is also some to be found down the side roads. Also there are a couple Soda’s. these are recommended in the guide books. They are small eateries serving local dishes at very good prices. Great if your on a budget like us.

We settled down in one bar, where we struck up a great conversation with a very nice dreadlocked local. After putting the world to rights, he told us that we must go to a place called Patty DelRita which is a small shack just off the main street selling Jamaican Patties with all kinds of fillings, from sweet to savoury. We will definitely be giving them a try

Another National park that we wanted to visit was the Tortuguero national park, which can only be accessed via a small boat. The park which is further along the coast going north near the border with Nicaragua. This turned out to be easier said than done. Getting there by public transport was virtually impossible, involving a bus to Limon then a taxi to a place called Moin then getting a boat from there, which takes about four hours. We did look into taking a tour, but the price of a tour, which included an overnight stay was $175 each so we decided to leave it.

We were not too disappointed though as there are plenty of other National parks to visit here in Costa Rica, in fact there are 28, covering about 28% of the country. When we move on to La Fortuna from here, the National park here. Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal, which sounds wonderful, as it is situated around the Arenal volcano.

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