Relaxing: Bocas del Torro

Relaxing: Bocas del Torro

Had a relaxing day today after our long and very hot walk into town yesterday, it was very much needed.

Jackie was feeling a little under the weather, possibly a touch of sun stroke, so we just sat around the pool, and planned the next leg of our trip.

Whilst we were relaxing, two families of Howler monkeys came into the trees around the pool. I managed to get some great photos. I will post them on here later. The noise they make is very loud and quiet scary in fact. It’s absolutely incredible that such a sound comes from such small monkeys. They are the loudest of all monkey species, they make the noise to mark there territory, and warn others of the presence.

We looked into the buses from Almirante to our next stop, Cahuita in Costa Rica. Our options were. Water taxi to the main land, a bus from Almirante to Changuinola. A bus from Changuinola to the border at Sixola. Then cross the border, then take another bus from there to Cahuita. The whole journey would have been just a few dollars, but quite possibly it would have taken the whole day.

Our second option was take a water taxi to the mainland, then take a shuttle bus, that takes you all the way to the border, waits for you at the other side, then continues the journey to Cahuita. Costing around $35-40 each, including the water taxi, and with Jackie feeling a little under the weather it was the best choice to take.

Jackie was feeling a little better late afternoon so we took a taxi to town and had lovely meal at the Om cafe. A really chilled out place with a great vibe which we can highly recommend.

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