Bocas Del Torro : Panama


Decided to walk to Bocas town today. Google maps said it was a 45 minute walk, a sign just down the road said 3km. Not bad we thought. So off we went. Well god knows how long it took but it certainly wasn’t 45 minutes and it certainly wasn’t 3km. My Garmin watch recorded just over four miles. It didn’t help the fact that it was around 32 degrees. But the journey was made bearable by the fact we had the Caribbean Sea lapping the white sand shoreline to our left. We kept thinking that we would come across a nice beach bar where we could get a cold drink, but alas we didn’t, by the time we arrived in town we were as you can imagine quite exhausted.

Our first impression of Bocas town was as we expected. Timber built buildings on stilts lining the shoreline, in a multitude of colours, the whole place had a real laid back Caribbean feel about it. We really liked it.

We eventually settled down in a place called La Buga Gastro market on the waterfront, we settled down at a table with a lovely view over the sea to while away the time. So with a couple of ice cold mojitos and some lovely food, we chilled watching the water taxis ferrying people too and from the various other islands. It was lovely. After our well earned break, we headed off to get some cash, then headed back to Villa Seville.

Top Tip The taxis on the island are just like the yellow ones you see in Panama City or New York. Except they are all four wheel, four seated pickup trucks. The fare being $3 per person wherever you go.

We got back had a rest then settled down at the Honesty bar “Honesty bars for those that don’t know are where you serve yourself, write down what you have then pay when you leave”. After a few cold beers we ordered Pizza from town via WhatsApp, thank heavens for google translate, as who knows what we would have got without it. The pizzas were delicious. The night came to an abrupt end when a huge flying cockroach hit the back of Jackie’s head, she jumped up and screamed, which in turn made me jump. She shook her head to get it off and the thing landed on the bar, it was huge. So with enough excitement for one day it was off to bed.

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