Galle and it’s amazing Fort

Galle and it’s amazing Fort

It was time to leave Bentota behind and take the train to Galle. The train journey from Bentota to Galle takes around 50 minutes. As the train line hugs the coast for most of the way you will be treated to some stunning view of the coastline. The only downside to the train is that it gets extremely busy and you cannot reserve a seat. When the train arrived it was packed, no seats and people standing in the aisles, luckily for us we managed to stand in between the carriage doors, with the doors open, admiring the view. I felt sorry for the people who were standing in the aisles as they could not see a thing as there heads were above the windows.

When we did our research into Galle we decided that we was not going to stay in Galle town but in Galle Fort itself. Galle Fort was built first in 1588 by the Portuguese then extensively fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century and is a historical, archaeological and architectural heritage monument. There are many interesting sights to see in the Fort and if you have a copy of the Lonely Planet there is a really good walking tour. Some interesting buildings of interest are the All Saints Anglian Church built between 1868-1871 and would not look out of place in an English Village Old Lloyd’s Shipping Office with its well preserved ship arrivals board. The Dutch hospital which was once filled with victims of the plague. Ironically now it’s home to many upmarket restaurants. The Clock Tower built in 1882, who’s clock mechanism was built by the British is said to show the correct time even today. When we looked it was three hours out. “That’s why the Swiss make watches now” Also what’s nice about the Fort is you can walk all the way around the walls, which afford great views over the city and the bay. Staying in the Fort is a little more expensive than outside but it’s worth it. We found a great place called Villa Amilisa, it was in a great location and a very good price considering the other hotels. Originally we had only planned to stay one night but we liked the Fort so much we stayed for two. Which turned out to be a good thing as we met a really great couple Don & Marilyn from Canada. Spent a great evening with them and will definitely stay in touch


The ones we ate in and all were good was Cannon and Sugar both in the Dutch Hospital and Calorie for lunch, who serve a great salad.

Top Tip

When we were India their were a few occasions that we found that we wished we had booked for longer and a few that we could have stayed for less, and although we had booked most of our accommodation through and could cancel quite close to our arrival date, once we were there we could not alter our dates, and quite frankly some accommodation we would not have stayed at all. “Photos and descriptions do lie”. When we was in Pondicherry and were having hotel problems, and the fact it was getting late and needed somewhere to stay we booked one hotel on for one night costing £71 per night. We ended up staying at the same hotel and got a far better rate than £41 per night “that’s not our normal budget, but White Town Pondicherry is expensive”. So when we arrived in Sri Lanka and was told that it is quite for tourists, we took the plunge and cancelled all of our accommodation and just decided to go with the flow. I have to say, so far it’s worked out brilliantly.

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