South Africa Re-visited Pt 2. Zambia

South Africa Re-visited Pt 2. Zambia

Up early today for our flight to Livingstone, Zambia, and the Victoria Falls. On arrival in the arrivals lounge we were confronted by a horrendous queue for entry visa’s. “We did some research some months prior to our visit, and it was possible to get your visa online, but this has now stopped”. When we got closer to the entry visa desks we could see what the hold up was. All of the four desks available were manned but they only had one card machine between them, and as so many people were paying by card the operators were passing the card reader to one another. On top of this when we got to the desk the operative’s phone rang, so he was busy having a conversation. “probably it was his mum asking him what he wanted for dinner”. So Top Tip Bring cash, dollars like the guide books suggest and like we did and maybe people will get processed faster, rant over.

Our accommodation during our stay was the excellent Green Tree Lodge. I cannot praise Green Tree Lodge highly enough. The proprietors Andrew & Victoria were really helpful and very welcoming. Also as it turned out, Andrew who was from England, used to work where I was currently working at the time (small world)

On our first day we were up bright and early to visit the Victoria Falls (Top Tip to avoid the tour groups arrive early) As we approached the falls we were both stunned into silence, they were truly amazing, we both felt quite emotional at the sight,more so for my partner, as it was her childhood dream to see the falls. We started off at the highest point of the falls as recommended by Andrew at Green Tree Lodge. Seeing the Zambezi plunge into the ravine below was just breathtaking. We worked our way down, and walked along the opposite edge of the falls. We were told by Andrew that its one of the few places on earth where rain goes up. Well its not rain but the massive spray from the Zambezi as it hits the ravine below. We stupidly hired some waterproof ponchos to keep us dry, but like I said the rain (spray) comes up, so we were absolutely soaked. What an experience.

The next day it was relaxing visiting the Royal Livingstone Hotel for a posh afternoon tea, and of course the obligatory bottle of wine watching the sun go down over the Zambezi and the falls.

Our last day we decided to take a trip in the air over the falls, mine was in a microlight and Jackie’s was in a helicopter. After our amazing experience we spent a couple of hours wandering around Livingstone and in the evening, finishing off the trip with a sunset cruise on the African Queen along the Zambezi river. A truly memorable end to a fantastic trip.

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