Island of Paros

Island of Paros

After a short ferry journey from Naxos (45mins) we arrived at the much smaller island of Paros. On arrival it was noticeable that the strong winds that we had in Naxos had dropped, and it seemed much hotter,”although it was not at all cold on the other islands, just windy” After picking up our car we headed for our apartment for the next five days “or so we thought, more later”. On arrival at the Archipelago Studios, which are perched high on a hillside about 3km from Parika we were amazed at the stunning views over the bay. Our next four days on the island were just spent relaxing and exploring. Must visits are the villages of Naoussa, Lefkes, Aliki and Piso Livada which are all typical Greek villages, with there myriad of small cobbled streets, and there immaculately painted houses, to driving down the coast road taking in the views of the Aegean. There is not much in the way of sights on the island, its was just a nice place to chill after our busy times in Athens, Santorini and Naxos.

Our original intention was to stay on Paros for five nights, but it was cut short due to a strike by local air traffic controllers so our flight from Paros to Athens on our last day was cancelled at short notice. We didn’t  get notification until after the first Blue Star ferry of the day had already left, but luckily for us there was another at 19:15 arriving in Athens at 23:30 saving the day. So we had to book an impromptu night in Athens to enable us to get our connecting flight back to the UK.

Top Tip always be mindful when making travel plans and traveling with two different airlines on the same day, of cancellations, strikes and delays, etc, as it can catch you out, luckily we got away with it.

Notable Restaurant The Balcony in Aliki is a good fish restaurant and was recommended by the owner of Archipelago Apartments, and is in a nice setting overlooking the waterfront.


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