The Island of Naxos

The Island of Naxos

Well it’s time to move on from the very beautiful and very busy Santorini, to the island of Naxos. For the next two legs of our trip we will travel between the islands by ferry, Blue Star Ferries in fact, we booked our tickets back in the UK but discovered it would have been just as easy to book them at a local office in the departure port, they even do an iPhone app but this is not much use as it does not provide an eTicket wth a bar code for boarding.

Top Tip Make sure that you visit the local Blue Star office if you have booked online to get your tickets printed, at a cost  of€1. We only found this out by chance after enquiring about which dock to board the ferry from, it could have been disastrous if we had queued to board the ferry only to be turned back to get our tickets printed. Also if you are embarking on a lengthy journey I would recommend paying the little extra and travel business class, it’s much less manic and far more comfortable.

Our first day on Naxos was spent exploring the town of Naxos, or known locally as Hora, a typical Greek island town with lots of narrow streets, Tavernas shops and bars. We thought the prices might have calmed down after Santorini, but this was not the case, their were deals to be had as it was getting close to the end of the season, but you had to search them out. Our second day we decided to rent a car for a couple of days to explore of the island, visiting the villages of Filoti, Apiranthos which is a good spot to have some lunch. Also in our guide book it mentioned visiting some caves near to Filoti so we decided to give them a look. After driving up a steep twisty road we arrived. We started to follow the rockey path to the caves, and as usual we were not kitted  out for the situation as we were wearing only  flip flops. Luckily for us we met and English speaking couple who told us that it was around a twenty minute walk and was not very inspiring. Lucky escape I think.

Our second day was spent driving along the coast road from Vivlos to Pyragni. Take the drive along to Aliko beach, which is at the end of the peninsular, here you will find what can only be described as an abandoned hotel project, which if had been compleated would be stunning by the way. On the walls outside and inside you will find some amazing graffiti artwork (see photos)

Top Tip if you happen to own a Sat Nav covering Europe you will find it on Naxos when doing the beach route, as road signs are sometimes non existent and there are a lot of unmade roads. On your way back take a look at Plaka with its many beach side restaurants. Next stop Paros.

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  1. Really great post! Beautiful photos too! And thank you so much for the tips. Even though it may seem like a small detail, knowing that tickets need to be printed beforehand can save a lot of stress.


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