Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

We decided to travel to Greece for this trip as its a place I visited very much, in fact I have only been here on one previous occasion and that was to the island of Kos. So this time I decided to explore more. So the itinerary for the trip is Athens, and then onto the islands of Santorini, Naxos and Paros. Consisting of a flight to Athens, then a flight to SantoriniI took this option as it was in fact cheaper than the ferry. Then onto Naxos, then Paros by ferry then a flight to Athens, then onward to home.

We arrived in Athens around 08:00 which gave a full day of sightseeing. I bought a €18 ticket which lasts for 72 hours and includes a return trip to and from the airport and bus and metro transportation whilst in Athens, a great deal in my book.

Top Tip. Just remember to vlidate your ticket at the airport by inserting into one of the validations machines, and once again when you take your return trip to the airport, either by the bus or taking the metro. I’m sure they loose a lot of money on the transportation system as I never had to show my ticket once to any official.

Our first full day in Athens we decided to visit the Acopolis, it was amazing to see it in the real, so to speak instead of in image form. One thing to note is that in our 2016 Lonely Planet guide book it states that you can get a €12 combined ticket. Which entitles you to visit the Acropolis and numerous attractions in Athens, but this must have recently changed as the charges now are €20 for Acropolis entrance and €30 if you want the combined ticket, which in my book is still good value considering the restoration work going on at the Acropolis.

Top Tip. Get to the Acropolis early before the cruise ships disenbark as the crowds can be quite manic. Also we went in the entrance nearest the Acropolis metro station as there was no queues unlike the main entrance, which was very busy indeed.

Next stop after a nice long walk was the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium, well worth the €4 entrance fee, which includes a very good audio guide and the Olympic torch room, where you can see Olympic torches from the various games in years gone by.

Other sites to see in my opinion are Ancient Agora, Roman Agora and the Temple of the Olympian, which are all included in the Acropolis combined ticket. Other attractions are the changing of the guards at the Parliment building, which an be quite amusing as it looks like a scene from a John Cleese sketch (ministry of silly walks) the ancient Turkish baths €2. Monastraki square and the small narrow streets around it. Then when its time for a nice cold beer, take a short walk from Monastraki square to Plateia Iroon with lots of nice small bars and restaurants. One to mention is Beer Time, which if you are into different beers they have a good selection, they also have “Happy Hour” from 4pm to 7pm where ther is two for one on the draft beers.


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