Sani Pass. Weather stops play.

Sani Pass. Weather stops play.

Arrived at our next stop, Sani Valley Nature Lodges. When we arrived the weather was a little cloudy, but not to bad contrary to the weather forecast. Our lodge was situated on the edge of a large lake with the Sani valley mountain range in the background, just perfect. Prior to arrival we had booked a tour the following day to take us to the top of the Sani Pass by 4×4. Now Sani Pass is the highest point in South Africa and is on the border of South Africa and Lesoto, also perched right on the top is supposedly the worlds highest pub so we were really looking forward to our trip. During the night the rain lashed down, with tremendous thunder and lightning, making us a little concerned for our trip the following day. This is not the first time we have experienced weather like this on our trip, but normally the next day the weather is bright and clear, but on this occasion it wasn’t to be. We awoke to thick fog, so bad in fact we could not see across the lake, or any of the mountain range. So we made the decision to cancel our trip up the pass. It was a difficult decision as we had been told that if the weather is bad at the bottom it could be glorious at the top. As it turned out we learned later in the day that some people that did go up could not see a thing at all. Good decision. Oh well maybe next time. So we spent our day visiting the little towns of Himeville and Underburg. Would recommend a nice little Coffee shop called the Lemon Tree, give it a look. Also by chance by reading a local paper we discovered a great little family run cheesery. The owner was very nice man indeed, he explained how he had completely changed his tact in life from a stock broker to setting up from scratch and now running his own successful cheese business. So after sampling most of is cheeses we had to buy some

The next morning was a different story indeed, bright sunshine, blue skies and amazing views over the lake and of the mountains. It was made extra special as right outside of the lodge was a herd of Zebras, just so close. One even came right up to the window and peered in, amazing. So our trip to Sani Pass wasn’t wasted after all.

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