Kruger National Park. The Big Five

Kruger National Park. The Big Five

Today it was up bright and early, 4:30am for our game drive into the Kruger National Park. We were picked up by our driver and guide Chris. We were initially a bit concerned, as we discovered Chris came from Leighton Buzzard in England whose former job was a carpenter, where probably the only wildlife that he had encountered there was the wild drunks on a Saturday night. But we shouldn’t have been concerned, you see Chris has completed a comprehensive six months rangers course to become a guide and hab been doing the job for eight years.

Almost as soon as we entered the park we encountered endless Impala, a group of dwarf mongooses, vervet monkeys, and baboons. Chris told us that if we saw anything that he hadn’t just shout for him to stop. Well it wasn’t long before I called out as I had spotted a giraffe who was walking towards the road, then another and another, just an amazing sight, and over the course of the day we were to witness many many more. After a short while I once again spotted something in the distance which was an extremely large Bull Elephant in the distance, even though he was not close you could tell he was very large indeed, big five number 1. Next it was Buffalo a large group of them, No2. Our next encounter was a group of Rhinoceros, complete with baby, No3. We could not believe our luck. Next one to tick off the list was a pride of Lions No4,  which we did not stop to look at, as Chris our guide said he had been informed on the radio that there was a Leopard nearby, and said we would come back to the Lions as they would still be there as they are creatures of habit and don’t move around much in the heat. We drove a short distance and low and behold there lying about a metre from the side of the road just laying under a small bush in the shade was a beautiful Leopard, just amazing No5. After I had shot off endless photos we returned to the Lions, and just as Chris said they were still there, a Beautiful male and femail just laying there a short distance from the road. Chris told us that Lions copulate around every twenty minutes “blimey”. He was standing over the Lioness, presumingly his twenty minutes was up, but she was having none of it, she must have had a headache. So we had seen the big five and this was all by around 10:30, we couldn’t believe our luck. The rest of the day we saw many other species Wart Hogs, Zebras, Eagles amongst many other bird species, we also saw a Crocodile, a few Hippos and much much more besides, an absolutely wonderful day, and I mean a full day. We were picked up at 05:30 and returned to our lodge at around 16:30. The company that Chris worked for is called “African Spear”, of which I could not recommend more highly.

I shot many photographs but I will not be able to upload until my return, so watch out for my Flickr feed.

So as always stay safe, be good and keep following.

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