Two weeks in Cyprus

Two weeks in Cyprus

This time our trip takes us on a relatively short trip from home, to us that is to the island of Cyprus. Its somwhere we have always wanted to go but the cost of package holidays or flights have previoulsy been relitively expensive, but now with both budget airlines Ryanair and EasyJet flying to the island their are some good deals to be had.

firstly a litte about the history of why Cyprus is divided between the Turkish and the Greeks is an interesting one and causes much debate between the two countries. (The following information is taken from the Lonely Planet Guide Book) 

It started back in 1521 when the Ottoman Empire took over Cyprus and some 20,000 Turks settled on the island In 1821 Greek Cypriots side with Greece in a revolt against the Turkish and the islands’s Orthodox clergy are executed and 20,000 Christians flee the island. In 1878 Britain leases Cyprus from Turkey and in 1914 Britain formally annexes Cyprus. In 1914 Turkey sides with Germany, and Britain offers Cyprus to Greece as an incentive to support the British. Then in 1974  Turkey invades taking a thrid of the island with no rights of passage between the north and south. Then in 2003 the north’s leader Rauf Denktas announces a suprise decision to allow both sides to visit the opposing parts of the island the first peaceful crossing in 29 years.

Another example in my opinion of relegion, goverments, interferance as it clearly appears the Greeks and the Turks got along nicely in years gone by. So things are slowly, very slowly getting their. Here is a link to a documentary I found on YouTube Famagusta. The hostage city of Europe which is very interesting veiwing

So stay safe, and keep following.

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