Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

After our disaster on booking a nice houseboat in Halong Bay Vietnam last year we decided that this time we were going to go to the view the boats first hand, so we took a a car to Alleppy where most of the boats leave from to view the boats with our own eyes, unlike Vietnam where we booked through a travel agent who showed us a wonderful boat but when we arrived at the dockside it was a different matter “the camera does lie”.
After looking through quite a few boats and not finding anything that we liked, we were getting somewhat dejected, but the last boat we viewed at the end of the dock was perfect, the boat was operated by a company called Swan Tours and was just great, really quite upmarket, nice crew all in uniform, bedrooms were very spacious, kitchen wimageimageimageimageimageimageimageas very clean just perfect. Initially the captain wanted 140000 INR but our cab driver said always take off 6000 INR, so I offered 80000 INR and we settled on 100000 INR which we were happy to pay. We booked the trip for the following day and duly arrived at around 10:30am for our trip through the idyllic backwaters of Kerala. After around an hour and a half of cruising we docked at a fish market which initially was puzzling as the price we negotiated included all meals, but it was explained that if we wanted too we could purchase so thing else in addition to the fish supplied on the boat like some lobster or some crabs or prawns, so I opted to buy some prawns, well I say prawns the ones that I bought were amazing and I can honestly say that I did not realise that prawns grew that big as they were like small lobsters and at approx £9 for two they were an absolute bargain as I’m sure back in the UK if you could get them they would be three times that. So back on the boat and some more cruising we docked for the night and was treated to a feast, so many different dishes the prawns that we bought were delicious by the way we were totally stuffed. In the morning we were treated to an equally good breakfast then set off back to the dock at Alleppy. I would certainly recommend booking a tour Swan Tours as the boat and crew are top class.
Top Tip if you want some beers or wine on your trip then purchase them before hand in a local government shop as nearly all the boats do not supply alcohol due to religion and supply only soft drinks, but they are happy enough for you to bring your own.

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