Delhi Day 3, Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar, Red Fort

Delhi Day 3, Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar, Red Fort

Today we decided to hire a car and a driver for the day from our hotel, as we have found that when travelling in India and you plan to visit a few tourist sites in a day this a far better option than getting individual taxis or Tuk Tuk’s around the various places of interest and at 1600 INR for the day around £16 pounds it was good value. You will probably find that you could get a taxi off the street other than the hotel that would do it for less but doing this way you will get taken to the sights you want to see but you will also probably get taken to the drivers brothers snake emporium or end up buying a camel from his sisters aunts cousin, if you get my meaning.
Our first stop was the Lotus temple image quite a modern temple by Indian standards. The temple is set in some very nice gardens and looks quite impressive from the outside but not quite as inspiring from within but it worth the trip. Next stop was the magnificent Qutab Minar image which isthe second tallest Minar in India, compleated around 1368  this very ornately decorated minaret stands in the centre of the complex. Around the Minar are four impressive looking circular balcony’s set at various levels. Unfortunately you can no longer go up the tower due to I quote “Closed due to suicide and accidents” and judging by the height of the ornate balcony walls, just below waist height I’m not surprised  Our final stop of the day was the Red Fort, we were a little undecided about visiting another fort as although they are amazing structures and are steeped in some incredible history you can get a little overloaded by them all. On arrival at the fort the we were dropped off at car park, this was some distance from the main entrance but the walk around the outside walls was very impressive as they are very tall and imposing and ornately carved, but unfortunately once inside we were not as impressed, there was a lot of restoration work going on which in itself a good thing but it lacked the wow factor like the Amer Fort Jaipur.

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