India, First stop Mumbai

India, First stop Mumbai

We have now left Dubai and have arrived in Mumbai. Immediately I felt a sense of relief to be back somewhere I was familiar with and did not feel like Disney World. It was great to be back, it has been two years since we were last here but it seemed like only yesterday that we had left. Our taxi journey took about an hour from the airport to the hotel, and I noticed many new additions to the city, first of which was the very swish new airport. On our journey it was good to see some old familiar favourites too like Chowpatty beach, Marine Drive, driving through  Dada district we also passed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai’s magnificent railway station, somehow it felt like we had arrived home, and our holiday was just beginning. So with bags duly dropped at hotel it was off for a nice cold glass of Kingfisher at a fraction of the cost of the one in Dubai.

More later


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  1. Just realised, there is no point in me travelling again … I can do it from the comfort of my front room and travel the world with Bobs travel blog!
    Simply superb … keep up the good work matey, NIck n reach x


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