We arrived in Dubai around 3am, the taxi journey from the airport was quite spectacular with the very tall skyscrapers lit up against the night sky, so we were really looking to our first full day in the city. So it was up reasonably early, grab some breakfast then hit the road. We decided to head for one of the souks that was recommended in our guide book in the Deira district. So we grabbed a cab, which incidentally are quite cheap and headed for Deira, on arrival we were quite disappointed as we expected a labyrinth of small narrow streets with traders selling there wares, when in fact it was nothing like that at all it was just row after row of mundane shops with no character what so ever, very disappointing indeed. Next stop was the Dubai Marina which again sounded promising, but in fact was another let down, as the marina was quite a bit in from the sea with no view of the ocean at all, the marina was surrounded by sterile and characterless skyscrapers and restaurants another disappointment. So with aching feet and an uneventful day it was decided that a glass of wine and a cold beer was in order, only to discover that alcohol is very expensive in Dubai. So hopefully our visit to the Burj Khalifa, the world tallest building tomorrow will make up for things.

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