The planning of our trip to India

The planning of our trip to India

Like I said on my previous post it all started way back in January 2014 when we all decided on going back to India, first stop was looking into flight prices. Now I have no real advice on when to book your flights, as if you leave them to the last-minute prices do go up especially short haul, but long haul is always a bit of a lottery, you see we booked flights to Thailand last year well in advance and discovered that we paid much more than leaving it to last
minute, but this year we booked well in advance and paid much less that last-minute so from the flight point of view it’s always a gamble. You can use certain flight price tracking tools such as Tripadvisor, Skyscanner, Kayak etc which can be useful, but we found that this year we got a price we were happy with it and so booked them, it’s all a case of personal preference.
Domestic Flights
There are a couple of airlines we used these being SpiceJet and Indigo, we have used Indigo before on a previous trip to India and they were very good indeed, SpiceJet I will post my opinion when we have flown with them, both offer a good selection of destinations throughout India and both are very good value, booking via their website is very easy and straight forward.
Indian Railways
During our trip we will embark on four train journeys, these being from Jaipur to Sawali Madhopur (Ranthanbhore National Park), Sawali Madhopur to Agra, Agra to Delhi and an overnight journey from Mysore to Hospet (Hampi temple complex, these were all booked via the website Cleartrip, the booking process is quite painless but you have to look up the rail stations nearest your destination as there are 1000’s of rail stations throughout India as you can imagine, looking up the stations sounds obvious but the station names don’t necessarily match the place you want to go for example the station for Ranthambhor National Park is Sawali Madhopur, but the fix for this is to use good old Google to search for the station nearest rail station to where you want to be. The next problem is getting your head around the different classes of tickets, so after some trawling on the net I found a couple of really useful sights which are far more informative than I can ever do justice on here. First I would like to mention the really useful website Indian Mike this is where I found a great post on the Indian railways booking system (click here) Now I found the Indian Mike website a very useful and informative especially for the independent traveller also a very good source of information on all things India in general. Another useful site to mention whilst on the subject of transportation is the Red bus company who have a good network of luxury coaches to various locations around India, but unfortunately they take card payments from outside India so they need to resolve this issue, but once in the country I’m sure it would be easy enough to find an agent to do the booking for you
Finally the accommodation, all our hotels were found on I have used them for a number of years now, and had excellent service from them, that is not to say that there are not many other hotel search engines out there that are just as good, it’s a matter of personal preference. One thing I will say is once you find a hotel you like on a hotel search engine it’s always worth seeing if booking direct with your chosen hotel is offering a better deal we have found this on more than one occasion.
Well that’s about it for now but I will post some more tips after our trip as I’m sure there will be a few more. So stay safe keep well and most importantly keep following.

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