Grand Tour of India

Grand Tour of India

Well our next trip is rapidly approaching, and after booking our flights way back in January and spending endless pleasurable hours planning we have just three weeks to go before our grand tour of India. This is not our first trip to this amazing country, in fact its our third, but it is our first in which we are embarking on such a large-scale tour. It all started like I said way back in January 2014 when me and my travelling companions decided that we should visit India again. initially we were looking into first visiting Nepal then onto India but the flight costs from India into Nepal were almost as much as from the UK, so it was decided to just stick to India “We do get carried away on our initial planning stages, the countries always seem very close when you look at a map”. We are flying with Emirates, and as we are changing flights in Dubai before our onward journey to Mumbai we thought it we would take the opportunity to stop over, so our itinery is as follows. Dubai, Mumbai, Jaipur Ranthambore National Park, Agra, Delhi, Cochin in Kerala, Bangalore, Mysore, Hospet to visit the Hampi temple complex then back to Mumbai for a couple of nights before our flight back home. We are away for 32 days so it should be a good trip.

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  1. Lovely! I haven’t been to Hampi yet. Definitely want to go there sometime soon. We visited Ranthambore in March this year. We didn’t see a tiger, although we knew people who had seen it minutes before us! But on our way out at 4 am we spotted a leopard on the road outside our guesthouse! Ah, the surprises that travel gives you! Enjoy!


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