Tram 28



Today we decided to take a tour of the city on one of Lisbon’s famous trams, in particular, Tram 28. Now in the guide books they all refer to tram 28 as a must do as it's route takes you around the many sights of the town. Lonely Planet guide book advises you to catch the tram at it's starting point which is Praça Dom Pedro which was not to far from us, the only snag is a lot of people now use the Lonely Planet books as a guide on their trips it can result in a bit of a log jam, which was the case with the stop for the 28 tram. Anyway the weather was nice so we didn't mind the wait. The trams are supposed to be every 15 minutes but like all things abroad this wasn't the case. Top Tip You can buy a single journey onboard the tram but if you intend to get on and off at the various tourist sites it is worth buying a 24 hour card, which enables you to use the buses, trams, and the metro for, you guessed it 24 hours, these can be bought at most Tabac shops around the city. At time of writing the cost of these are €6.50. We boarded the tram and wound our way up and down hills and through the narrow streets of Lisbon, as there was a large queue where we boarded the tram and we had managed to get seats right by the window, we decided to do the whole circular tour of the city first, then get off at various points of interest, but our plan was scuppered when about half way around the tram terminated and everybody had to get off while the driver had his break, and to get back on you had to join the equally large queue already waiting to board. So it was decided that we had done enough queuing for one day and took the walk down to the river front and get the train back into the centre of Lisbon. In hindsite in my opinion it would have been better to just get any tram to the various points of interest around the city, you will still get a ride on one of Lisbon’s famous trams but you will avoid the large crowds of tourists, we were visiting in March, so what it would be like in the summer one can only imagine.

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