Zadar and its region.


We arrived in Zadar some four hours after we left Mostar, the rest of the journey was quite painless after our lost motorway incident (see previous post). The satnav once again took us straight to the apartment door, thank you Garmin. We were all slightly disappointed at the apartment as is it looked far better on the website, but it was clean and tidy and the owner was very friendly and helpful. We decided to take a short walk to the small bay nearby and needless to say we found a bar and had a well earned drink,  to unwind after our full day.
Sun 15th
Today we decided to go into Zadar old town. The walled town is what you would imagine it to be, full of quaint narrow marble paved streets, plenty of small shops & restaurants and many ice cream parlours, the reason I mention the latter is that Croatian ice cream is to die for with so many flavours to choose from, a must try. We spent a good few hours just meandering around the city soaking it all up. Apart from its amazing architecture Zadar is also famous for its sea organ and the sun salutation light show let me explain. The sea organ is an architectural feature which plays music by the way of a series of tubes located under a set of large marble steps, as the waves roll into the base of the steps a really haunting melodic tune is played. The sun salutation light show is a vast circle of solar panels paved into the ground. At night the panels light up in an array of paterned lights that flash in dancing sequences. Both a must see, here’s a video I found on YouTube.

Another must see is the amazing sunset over the island of Uglijan, find a nice sea front bar in Zadar, grab a cold beer or glass of wine and just relax and watch this amazing spectacle. Next stop Plitvice National Park.

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