Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina


With the streets of Dubrovnic well and truly walked it was tjme to head off to our next destination in Croatia, which is Zadar, which is some 350km north west of Dubrovnik, but we decided that before we make our way there we would visit the town of Mostar, in Bosnia Hertzogovina “yet another county ticked of our list”. Mostar is about a two and half hour drive from Dubrovnik inland. Crossing the border into Bosnia was much busier than our crossing into Montenegro as there was a queue of traffic waiting to cross, but once at the checkpoint it was just a cursory look into the car, not even a check of our passports which cannot be said for the croatians who cross, and although Croatia is in the EU now you still get a sense that their is still some animosity between the countries. On entering the town of Mostar you cannot help noticing the still evident destruction that was caused during the Yugoslavian war, with many damaged and bullet riddled buildings and many still being reconstructed. I also got the sense that Bosnia & Herzegovina is a much poorer than Croatia. After finding a suitable parking place which can be a bit of a nightmare tying to work out the parking restrictions, we made our way to the old part of Mostar with its famous bridge crossing the Neretva river. The town itself lived up to all the descriptions we read about before our trip, lots of small narrow cobled streets amazing old architecture, hard to imagine that the town was almost destroyed during the conflict. As it was nearing lunchtime we found a really quaint restaurant overlooking the river and the bridge, had a really nice lunch in a perfect setting. after lunch we explored the town which is so beautiful, lots of small restaurants, and shops along winding cobbled streets. Another thing I could not help noticing, as Bosnia & Herzegovina is predominantly a Muslim country the very strong ottoman influence, like the cuisine, the wares in which they sell, and in some respects on occasions you could have felt you where in Turkey or North Africa. A really great day had by all, I would throughly recommend a visit
We left Mostar and followed my trusty satnav which took us along some really winding roads, getting ever higher and higher. We eventually came to the border a strange affair with three checkpoints in the space of 50 metres quite bizarre, but the best was yet to come, almost immediately on passing through the checkpoint you got to the main motorway in Croatia, which is the A1 there was no slip road onto the motorway no signs where to go the road just ended and we ended up in amounst the construction traffic surrounded by huge diggers and heavy machinery with no one bothering about our predicament, incidently we weren’t the only one’s, we eventually followed the other lost traffic and managed to join the motorway, a very strange experience indeed.
I have posted below a YouTube clip of the shelling of Mostar, a tragic loss of life and the pointless destruction of many years of history. Why we cannot all get along in this world is beyond me. To quote from a post I saw on Facebook “If all religions are dedicated to peace, then why can’t we all live peacefully”. Which I fully agree with.
I have also posted some pictures of Mostar today, rebuilt to its former glory, but many of the buildings still bear the scars of this pointless war, and I am in no doubt the people do also.



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