Grand Palace Bangkok


Today we visited the Grand Palace, a truly spectacular place and a must see if your in town. Now I can go on enthusing with superlatives, but I am not, just go and see it for yourselves and make up your own mind, but what I will talk about is some advise if you are visiting the palace. Now if you visit most temples in Thailand or a lot of other countries for that matter, you need to cover up i.e. no bare arms and legs, and the Grand Palace is no exception, but a thing to note is that they will loan free of charge trousers, blouses or sarongs with a 200bht refundable deposit for anyone who turns up for an impromptu visit, the reason I mention this as outside the main gate there are vendors willing to hire you any of the above items at a cost of 30bht right under a sign telling tourists that they are free inside. That’s cheek for you. Next think to watch for is that a lot of nice smiling friendly people will approach and tell you that the palace is closed until later only open for organised tours, this is to get you to go with them on one of there’s. There are public address systems around the perimeter wall informing people of the prospective scams in English I might add, so listen out for them. So we ignored all the scam artists as we had come well prepared, and just walked in to the main entrance, paid our money 500bht this was 10:45 when all the nice friendly people outside were telling us it was closed. luckily we did not encounter the long queue’s like a fellow blogger did on the day before our visit. A brilliant day was had by all concerned.




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