We arrived in Bangkok about 6pm, and the first thing I noticed was how modern it appeared, unlike our arrival in India a couple of years back. The cab journey was pretty uneventful apart from the drivers manic driving skills. We arrived at our hotel and first impression was ok not quite like the picture on the website. We were shown to our room again it was a case of “whats wrong with picture” but it was very clean and tidy and will certainly do the job.
Our first port of call was to find somewhere to get a nice cold beer, so we headed for the khao san road which was short walk away, the area is known as the backpackers quarter, and as you would expect its full of bars, shops, market stalls, along with many street vendors selling all types of food including deep fried insects. So after a good look around we settled into a bar for that cold beer and just chill after our long journey. Whilst sitting in the bar we had the usual stream of street sellers trying to get us to buy all sorts from hats, scarfs, bracelets and fried bugs yes you read it right bugs all politely declined except for the bugs, to be more precise scorpions, now I am the type of guy that will have a go at almost anything so I thought when in Rome so to speak, I purchased one of the said creatures, then with video camera ready proceeded to devour it, really did not know what to expect, then to my astonishment is tasted rather nice, like a very nice flavoured packet of crisps, then not to be outdone my friend Jackie had one too, and also like enjoyed it also.
Our second day in Bankok started late morning as the long journey and time difference had caught up with us. The plan was to visit the Grand Palace but because of our late start it was decided to put that off until tomorrow and go and see Wat Arun instead, so we took the short walk to the river to catch the water taxi to the site and it did not disappoint a truly spectacular complex, another must see if you are in Bangkok.


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