The Journey begins. Bangkok here we come


Well the trip has begun, arrived safely at Birmingham Airport with no problems it helped being a sunday so no traffic. Its the first time we have flown from Birmingham Airport quite a strange place, pretty characterless really, but again I suppose all airports are really. I really don’t get excited about the flying part of our trips anymore. I just want to get where we are going. One thing on the subject of flying that I did find strange is that we checked in online the day before thinking that it would make things easier when we arrived but it did not make an ounce of difference we still had to endure the obligatory showing of your passport at every gate we passed through, we even had to show our bording card to buy a bottle of water, quite what that is about I couldn’t tell you, enough of my gripes. Boarded the plane with the minimum of fuss, and was very impressed with the amount of leg room in economy, also very impressed with the in flight entertainment, which had an impressive amount of films and music, also usb connectivity even an electrical socket to charge laptops etc.things seem to have moved along since the last time we flew long haul.Well done Emirates We were a little delayed in leaving the UK which did not give us a lot of time for our onward flight to bangkok so we were transprted to the other side of the airport quite some distance in a oversized golf cart, dropped off and was told to go up one leval and keep walking, after what seemed like an age we got to our gate, well at least we could see it down below us but with no visable means to get down there, we asked a member of staff who wanted to direct us all the way back the way we came but the girls were having none of this so one of them who shall remain nameless (initial J) saw a staircase behind a glass door, opened the door the alarm went off and world war three broke out, thought we was going to be locked up before we had even arrived in Asia, woke security up though it had the desired affect though we got to our gate. More later

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  1. LOL. Good stuff Bob. I almost got arrested to for bypassing security at the Grand Palace. By the by, I would imagine that you are going to visit the Grand Palace while here. Do it in the morning. However, the only way you can do that, is to be part of an organized tour. They don’t allow the general public in until 12pm. Literally thousands of tourists at the site (biggest tourist draw in Thailand), so unless you want to deal with inhumane heat and humidity, go early or go late.


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