Cambodian and Vietnamese Visa Applications


I thought I would write this post to hopefully give some tips to anyone planing a trip to either Cambodia or Vietnam and obtaining visa’s for these countries. Firstly I will deal with obtaining a visa to enter Cambodia. Now a visa can be bought on arrival at the two main airports, these being Siem Reap or Phnom Penh and various other border crossing points, click here for official embassy link but as we were travelling overland and entering Cambodia from Thailand at the Poipet Aranyaprathet crossing, and having done some exhaustive reasearch into the crossing process and reading about the many visa and currency scams we decided to opt for the eVisa route. At this point I must mention not all crossing points accept the eVisa’s, the two main airports do as mentioned and the crossing that we are going through, but I suggest that if you crossing into Cambodia at any other point check the eVisa map on the official website. Now as I mentioned previously about my reasearch into the crossing point and the many posts about the visa and money changing scams at the border I don’t want to put you off travelling into Cambodia in this way as having viewed some very good  YouTube clips of the crossing and reading various posts regarding the crossing it does not seem that bad at all. (for a very good article on the crossing “Click Here” ). Back to the eVisa application, all you need to do is to visit the official Kingdom Of Cambodia website click on the eVisa apply now button fill out the form, (you can add a new form for each traveller in your party in the same application) upload your passport photo or photo’s, which you either scan in your photo’s or get a digital copy from a photo lab, or in my case, as photography is one of my hobbies took them myself, of each applicant pay your fees and wait for your email with your visa delivered to your inbox in a PDF format with full instructions on how to proceed, which is basically print off your eVisa, it suggests printing off a couple of copies cutting out the visa, which is the size of a passport page and stapling it into your passport. The fees for the visa at the date of this post is $20 + $5 processing fee which is the same as the border crossing, but it’s far easier and less hassle sitting in front of your laptop or PC. Now for the Vietnamese visa which is a little bit more involved and definitely more costly. If you conduct an internet search on ” Vietnamese Visa” you will get a whole raft of hits from various sites offering to do the whole process for you, a lot will be offering “visa on arrival” service but having read numerous post and forums there seems to be mixed messages some people have done this and seem to have had no problems and others have had bad experiences, basically “Visa on Arrival” is just a letter of intent stating that you have been accepted for a visa but you will still have to go through the visa application process when you arrive in Vietnam. The official Vietnamese website does not recommend getting a visa in this way as there are many unrecognised and fake websites offering this service and they cannot verify the validity of these visa’s, so my advice to anyone reading this article is to apply in plenty of time and go down the official route. Now for the application itself, you need to either apply in person at the embassy or download the forms from the offical site fill them out attach a passport photo and send them via special delivery to the embassy along with your passport. You can send more than one application in the same envelope to save on postage, you need to email the embassy before you send your forms & passport off for the current visa prices as they do not display them on their website. The current cost at the date of this blog is £54 for a thirty-day single entry visa, you will also need to include £8 per single passport or £6 per passport if you are sending two or three, this goes down the more passports you send (see their website). One last thing to mention is that the website and the email they sent me with the current pricing differs slightly on the website it states that you can send with your application a pre paid special delivery envelope but their is still a £3 processing fee for each passport, the website also states payment can be made in either cheque, postal order, cash (if you apply in person) and bankers draft, but on the email I received with the current pricing it stated that pre paid envelopes were not accepted and there was no mention of payment by cheque, but as I had already bought a pre paid special delivery envelope and was going to send a cheque I telephoned them to ask was it ok to send a cheque and return envelope they told this was in fact ok so thats what I did. Well I hope so as at time of writing this article we have not had our passports returned but it has only been a couple of days, so watch this space.

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  1. This is great info . . . I’m uncertain at this point, but I may have an opportunity to visit Laos, Cambodia, and/or Vietnam, while I am in Thailand. Thank you for sharing!


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