Well after a very calm and quite crossing we arrived in Zeebrugge, about 08:45 it was worth paying the small extra charge for a outside cabin as we were well away from the drone of the engine noise. After disembarking it was just a short walk to outside the terminal to pick up our coach to take us to Bruges which was about 17km away. One thing to add for anyone who is doing the same trip with P&O ferries the coach does not drop you off in the centre of town but near the railway station which in our case was some 25-30 minute walk from one side of the city to the other, this with the combination of having a small wheeled case and walking along the cobbled streets was a bit of a pain. After dropping off our cases at the hotel it was time to explore the city which in one word is beautiful, amazing architecture, quaint shops and numerous bars and restaurants. We meandered our way around the small streets and canal sides soaking up the atmosphere, I can see why they call Bruges the Venice of the north. After a good few hours walking around the city we headed back to check into our hotel, Hotel Jacob. The hotel is very nice indeed and certainly lives up to its good reviews and I would not hesitate to recommend it. Oh we’ll time to get spruced up and sample the city at night, more tomorrow.



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