St Stephens Basilica & Castle Hill


Sun is shining its nice and warm perfect conditions for our trip to first St Stephens Basilica then onto Castle Hill.
First stop was St Stephens Basilica a magnificent building from the outside and absolutely stunning inside. Top tip make sure you go to the top of the dome and experience the stunning views of the city from the top, you can either take the stairs all 300 of them or take the lift for a less energetic journey you won’t be disappointed.
Next stop was the Castle Hill district. If you walk from the basilica along Zrinyi ave which is straight in front of you as you leave and down to the Danube then cross over the magnificent chain bridge (another tip as you walk away from the basilica don’t forget to look back for a great view of St Stephens). When you reach the other side of the bridge you can either walk up the long and winding steps or take the funicular up to the top of the hill which is the option we decided to take. Once at the top you are at the Buda castle or Royal Palace we then followed a walk which was mapped out in the lonely planet guide book, which took in Matthias church Fisherman’s Bastion and many other amazing sites a really must see if you are in Budapest you won’t be disappointed. I must also make a special mention to the lovely lady in the Walzer Cafe who really made us welcome, she owns and runs a great little coffee shop which serves some amazing cakes and all kinds of coffee from around the world. I had a hot chilli chocolate which was a first for me but tasted superb, a must try.






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