Budapest, Finding our way around


Arrived safe and well apart from Stanstead airports security why can’t security be consistent throughout the UK and not have different policies? Well that’s my moan out the way.
We arrived at Budapest T2 after a short 2 hour flight. were duly picked up at the airport by our driver a service which I found reading one of the many travel blogs I read about the area and one which I can highly recommend I will post all our travel tips and the websites we found them on in a later post.
We checked in at Trendy Apartments and was shown to our apartment, which was just as the pictures and the reviews described, really very nice indeed. It was then off to explore the local area, so with the aid of our Lonely Planet guide off we set. The apartment is located in a great position on the pest side of the Danube (Budapest is divided by the Danube Buda one side and Pest the other) just a short walk from most of the main sights, first thing you notice about Budapest, is of course the stunning architecture but it’s the the slow pace that everything moves for a major city, their are no cars blaring on there horns, and people rushing around like mad, it was just a slow serene way of going about daily life it was really quite refreshing.
We had some lunch in a street cafe in a beautiful square in the heart of the shopping district then it was off to explore some more, we followed our guide map and headed off to the river Danube

20120919-085346.jpg we had a short walk along the river promenade to get a taste of what the week had in store. We could see the Royal Palace & Castle Hill district on the Buda side can’t wait to visit here tomorrow. It was then back to the apartment a quick freshen up and out for the evening.
We strolled along avenue Andrassy a beautiful tree avenue with an abundance of upmarket shops, we were heading to the Hungarian State Opera House an absolutely stunning piece of architecture. We then stumbled along Nagymezo street which was in the heart of the theatre district with some great restaurants and equally some beautiful theatres. We had a really nice meal I had Catfish Paprikash with home made gnocchi, now I love fish but never had catfish, it was divine, highly recommended.
Oh well fingers getting tired typing on my phone more tomorrow from Castle Hill. Bye for now keep well stay safe and keep following


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