Anniversary trip to Budapest


Well I can finally reveal to all the destination of our next trip. We are off to the city of Budapest. Like I said on the previous post it is or was a surprise trip for my wife to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary, I say was as by now she knows where we are going. Now anyone who reads my blog knows I have a passion for travel and love visiting major cities, so after doing some reasearch on the city and the fact I found some rather enticing flight prices I decided that Budapest was the place for us. Now like I said I have done some reasearch on the city and saved a collection of various websites with tips, sights and some info on getting around on my Pearl Trees page just click the link to find out more. One of the sights I will be looking forward to is visiting is the parliament building, now I am not politically minded at all but I am a lover of architecture, and whilst looking at some of the sights to visit the Hungarian parliament came up in a top ten list of sights to see. Now a top tip I found when I was reading a review of the city on Trip Advisor was that if you contact the parliament building via email at and give them the dates you would like to visit, they will reply which in my case was within a 24 hours with a lovely official confirmation letter stating that we would be welcome to the Parliament building for a guided tour in English completely free of charge as we were EU citizens, so you can avoid the queues which apparently can be quite lengthy.

Thats about it for now but watch this space for updates and no doubt the very many photographs

Stay safe and keep following

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