The Grand Walk Of Fes


What a difference a day makes, sun shining, blue skies just perfect. We decided to follow some of the marked walks around the medina from the guide book we had, which sounded great in theory but not so good in practise, we found the first couple of plaques marking the walk, but there are so many narrow streets and ally ways it it very easy to loose your way, also the fact the route marking system was a lot to be desired, and I am sure the locals remove the signs so you get lost on purpose so they then can try to cajole you to have them be your impromptu tour guide for a price of course, but this aside we managed to find our way around quite easily. We meandered through the maze of streets and many souks, visited some amazing buildings, and saw some fantastic architecture a thoroughly enjoyable day, we even visited the tannery which is where we said we would not go as the smell is horrendous (found out from our experience in Marrakech) but as it was not the height of summer the smell was not so bad, and I got some great photo’s from a rooftop terrace (will post them on my Flickr site on my return). We returned to the Riad thoroughly exhausted after walking what must been miles a really great day. One observation I noticed was that the many sites that were marked on the walk had no sort of official at the entrances just a bunch of shady looking guys asking for money to see inside, but luckily the fee is very small and they were all worth the visit.



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