Total Washout


Well today we decided to browse around some of Fes’s shops in the modern part of town, the weather looked pretty bleak and rain was forecast. So we got into a taxi and headed off into town We were dropped off at the street through town with its tree lines pavements, we walked along the soon to be discovered rather badly paved pedestrian walkway and found no shops, none what so ever, all the locals around where staying said it was a nice part of town, well disappointedly it was not, and the only thing we did find along the street was endless cafe’s pretty seedy ones at that just full of men who seems to have nothing better to do but drink coffee or tea all day. So we decided to get a taxi back to our Riad and get on the tourist trail, that’s until the heavens opened a complete deluge of rain first then hailstones, we thought we had been transported back home we got thoroughly soaked, so after a real struggle to find a taxi due to the weather we eventually grabbed one and went back to our Riad to dry out. So with some dry clothes on if was off out again, (luckily the rain was now just light showers) to get something to eat. Now we read in the guide books about a chic cafe in the souk called “Cafe Clock” so we decided to give it a go, now we were told it was not to far into the souk? We eventually found it with some help from the locals down a very small ally, and it certainly did live up to the guide books information, a real gem, so suitably fed it was off to find a hotel for a drink, luckily for us there was one just close to our Riad called the Hotel Bartha, now this must have been a grand place some 40 years ago but it was showing its age now, even the bell boy complete in his rather worn out uniform must have been about 70 but at least they served drink. Now a tip regarding drinking alcohol in Morocco, like all Muslim countries it is forbidden, so it’s difficult to get a alcoholic drink, and it seems to be only served in hotels and like all Hotels throughout the world they are very pricy so be warned. So a bad day completely ruined by the weather did not turn out to bad after all. More later




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