Well we are now back in Fes, the train journey back was not as smooth as the one going, it was an hour late leaving and it seemed much slower. We got back to our Riad around 3pm and immediately set of into the souks, the souks in Fes are far bigger than either Rabat or Marrakech but Marrakech is still my favourite. The narrow alleyways and the ware’s for sale are just so diverse it had to be seen to be believed, the food on offer was just as diverse ranging from camel head meat in a roll (yes I did say camel head) to small delicate little cakes, and everything else in between. We wandered through ally’s, streets, squares, for what seemed like hours and despite our best intentions not to get lost we did, hopelessly, but that’s the whole idea when visiting the souks, but at no time did we feel threatened or unsafe, for sure you get the obligatory young lad who wants to be your impromptu tour guide but just politely say no, you will probably have to say this a few times though for them to get the message but that’s all part of the experience, and once you are out of the medina you will always find a taxi. Whilst on the subject of taxis always get a petit taxis (the red ones) these range from fairly modern (I use that term loosely) to beat up old bangers but they all work and get you where you want to go, also always insist on the meter being on, don’t get talked into taking a lift from guys with modern mini buses though as we were offered a lift to the train station when we left Fes to Rabat for a 100 dirham (about £8) for a journey in a petit taxi which cost us 8 dirham (70p) so beware. More later

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