Walk of the city


Well it was up and atom not quite so early today (Tues 27), breakfast was served at nine at our request, we thought we could do with the extra half an hour in bed as we had a busy previous couple of days.
Today we decided to visit the Kings Palace, we followed the city wall to what on the map appeared to be the entrance only to find this was not in fact, so after walking a great deal further around voila we found it. The palace itself is situated in a large complex of government buildings and extensive gardens, on reaching the palace I must say it was quite disappointing not the elaborate affair I was expecting, apart from its ornate gate and traditionally dressed guards it was all in all quite uninspiring. Next stop was the main shopping area of the city although there is not a vast amount to choose from. We meandered through the streets and discovered the local flower market with some of the most beautiful flower arrangements, as it was getting to near that time of day for a drink not the soft kind we went in search of a hotel, as these seems to be the only places to get one, one such place was the Hotel Peitri with is superb piano / jazz bar Cafe Peitri, and to plan our next days itinerary.

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