Well we have arrived in Rabat safe and on time, have to say train network is very good. Grabbed a taxi from the station this was more expensive than Fes £1.20 I suppose that’s the price you pay for being in the capital, we were dropped of at the medina gate (one of many) and followed the directions they gave us to the Riad which was a short walk into the medina itself. Now for anyone who has been to Morocco and have stayed in the medina’s know only to well that the shabby dusty streets hide some hidden gems as most of the buildings from the exterior look quite rough and uninviting but behind the Riad’s often very ornate front doors lies a different world indeed. Once inside the Riad you will discover fantastically carved stonework magnificent mosaics fantastic ceilings and ornate marble floors. The rooms are all located around a central atrium with either a small fountain or a large pool a real peaceful place to be from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets outside, so my advice is if you haven’t give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised.
After a very warm welcome and being shown to our lovely room we set off to discover the local area. Rabat is not known to some as a well known city that attracts tourists unless that is you are Moroccan, it is situated on the Atlantic coast probably about the same parallel as the canaries, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and unlike some other Moroccan cities has a relatively small medina, as opposed to Marrakech & Fes, so you would only need perhaps a couple of days to explore the city. After a good look around and the obligatory shopping in the Souks it was time for a drink (alcoholic) now as many of you are aware getting a drink in a Muslim country is no mean feat bars are normally in the larger hotels, so as it was my birthday we set of in search of one such establishment. We stumbled across the Hotel Rabat with its stunning atrium ceiling we had a small bottle of beer each (three of us) for the very expensive price of £12 oh well at least I had one beer on my birthday. Today it’s of further afield to take in some more or the city sights, so watch this space.





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