The Journey Begins


Well had a good journey down to Stanstead, Airport we took advantage of the greet and meet service and this was a breeze courtesy of Aardvark Parking Service the cost for the week was £50 which I thought was reasonable. Check in was ok despite all the horror stories about Ryan Air’s baggage allowance and case size rules, but if you stick by these rules you will be fine. The only real bug bear I have with Ryan Air is the free for all in finding a seat surely it would not be hard to allocate seats would that not be quicker boarding? Perhaps it would not I’m sure somebody can put me right on that one. Another observation that never ceases to amaze me is why are items (especially electrical) for sale in the duty free shops twice the price as outside, I thought the meaning of duty free was that you don’t pay tax so it should be cheaper, just a thought. Our flight time to Morocco is approx 3hrs the weather there is a very nice 27 degrees.
We arrive in Fes have one night there then it’s on to Rabat by train which should be interesting, looking forward to that. So watch this space for all the details


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