Morocco, Fez & Rabat


Well we are off on our travels again, we are heading back to Morocco but this time we are flying to Fez then onto Rabat the capital. We are staying in Fez for one night at the Riad Layali then off to Rabat by train for four nights staying at the Riad Sidi Fatah then back to Fez and the Riad Layali for two more nights. Now if anyone has not been to Morocco its a wonderful place with plenty to see and do. If it’s your first visit I recommend the wonderful city of Marrakech with its amazing medina and souks, (see my photos on my Flickr feed, any friends out there contact me for full access to my photo’s). I will be posting to this blog and uploading photo’s wi-fi permitting, so like always follows us if you will

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