Like the journey down to the Mid Pyrenees when we started our trip where we had an overnight stop, we decided to do the same on the return journey and chose the town of Orleans a couple of hours drive from Wisteria house where we were staying. We left early and headed straight for the centre of town. Now like I said in previous posts France is expensive compared to the UK but one thing which is not and there are an abundance of  is car parks and normally right in the centre of the tourist areas, so we parked up and explored the city and what a treat we were in for as unbeknown to us the Festival de Loire was on the very weekend we were there so it could not have been better so after a good few hours exploring the city, the cathedral and the many sights we headed off to our hotel. When we got back into the car I set the Sat-Nav for the hotel and was pleasantly surprised it was a very short distance from where we parked. Now we found the Hotel des Cedres via the booking.com website it is always a gamble when booking hotels, all you can do is read the reviews and hope for, but we was very pleased with our choice, the hotel was very nice indeed, friendly staff  great  room, a great find, so it was a couple of cold beers in the lovely garden, a freshen up and a walk back to the centre of town for the evening.  A very nice meal was had by all, we were overlooking the town square and the statue of Joan of Arc then back down to the riverside where all the festivities were going on then closing the evening with a spectacular firework display a great end to a fantastic holiday

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