Local villages


Well after a real busy day visiting Tarbes & Lourdes we decided to visit some of the small villages around the local, our first stop was Lectoure a small town situated at the top of a hill, and as it seems with most French towns they are centered around either a large church or cathedral all steeped in history and are very charming indeed. The next stop was Larressingle a vey small medieval walled town once again very picturesque. I will post the web links to the places we visited on our return.
The one thing to remember when visiting France is that’s it’s very expensive, for drinking and eating out, it does make me wonder what the average wage is because the cost of living is horrendous, for example we had just a light lunch of burger & chips (not very French I know) and salad, small carafe of house wine and a beer followed by two deserts and it was £54 for 3 people and to eat out in the eve you are looking at double that, perhaps that’s why you don’t see very many people out.

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