The region of Gers


Well after a full day at Auch yesterday we decided to take things a little slower today and just drive around some of the beautiful local villages. Our first port of call was Fources a fortified moated Bastide town, although very small it is absolutely stunning a must visit if you are in the area. After a good walk around the village it was on to Montreal (not Canada I hasten to add) then onto the small town of Eauze where afternoon drinks were had by all. I will supply all the various web addresses to the different towns on my return, but the Internet connection is a bit slow at moment. It was then back to the cottage for the eve. Local market tomorrow and then Thurs it’s off to Toulouse looking forward to that. Just one last thing to add the people in this region of France are so so friendly and are making us more than welcome very refreshing. Well that’s it for today as more wine needed so au revoir for now

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