Well yesterday was just a relaxing day, after the 1000 mile journey here, nice lay in then a late breakfast early lunch to start the day. We then took ourselves off for a walk around the village, where we are staying (Valence Sur Baise) a really pretty place.
Today we went to a really lovely town called Auch a really typical French town, lots if history and fascinating architecture. It’s really strange though getting into the French way of things as unlike the UK nothing opens on Sunday I mean nothing it’s quite surreal no people about hardly any cars and the shops all closed, even the large supermarkets don’t open on a Sunday, I have to say though it’s quite refreshing, also Mondays most things are closed too. Whilst we were in Auch I found out what the meat was that the girls had with their salad on our first night here, it was duck’s gizzards they were not happy when I told them. Well after spending a good few hours in Auch and walking miles we are now in another pretty town called Flaurance with a cold beer and a bottle of wine chilling. The temperature is currently 27 degrees perfect. Oh well will sign off now more later


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