Well firstly to follow on from yesterday re-our stay at the Hotel Auberge, like I said a great place to stay for a stop-over if traveling to the south of France pretty village great Hotel one thing to remember though don’t eat there (we didn’t) but the set price menu starts at €37 each then going up dramatically but the real shock came when we got our bar bill in the morning we had two large beers and one small beer and the cost was €31 about £29, so making our bar and breakfast bill cost more than our room, so you live and learn.
After the shock we left the Hotel and continued our journey south which was a breeze. We arrived at our rented cottage about 5:30pm and it was just as the pictures and description on the website described it, a typical french cottage beautiful, the weather on arrival was 33 degrees which is just what the doctor ordered. Now It’s twenty past midnight and we are still sitting outside in the garden drinking wine, happy days. Well signing off now more tomorrow.

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