La ferté-Imbault


Well a great night was had in Ramsgate, few drinks then on for a really nice Thai meal, then early to bed as we had an early start in the morning arrived in Dunkirk about 11am fired up the satnav and then we were off northern France was shrouded in thick fog for the the part of the trip but as we were driving south we could see the weather visibly improving. We arrived at our overnight stop at La ferté-Imbault at an amazing hotel called Auberge a la tete de lard a great find on well worth a look for a halfway stop off if traveling to the south of France, one thing to note thought we did not eat in the restaurant as like other review stated on Tripadvisor it is expensive, fixed price menus started at €34 per person although I’m sure the food would be delicious, so we gave it a miss. So we are currently sitting outside having a ice cold beers. Weather here is great, currently 23 degrees at 7:30 in eve perfect. Oh well need to sign off now as another beer is needed more tomorrow.


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