French roadtrip


Not long now before we are off, everything’s in place all the last-minute details done, I will be publishing my blog and posting pictures throughout our trip so for those who are interested watch this space. As stated in my last post I bought a new sat-nav and I must say I am most impressed especially the voice command function which makes it so much easier to use, it is sure to get a good test driving through France, I will give a full review of it on my return. I will be doing plenty of tweeting along the way so give me a look in @bigbuddie53 checking in with foursquare  and Gowalla I will also using a great app called Trip Journal and posting links from the app. Oh well that’s about it until we go so for anyone who wants to follow our progress you can find it here or on Twitter my photo’s will be posted on my Flickr page, I will also linking these posts to my old travel blog on Tumblr so as you can see I am pretty well set on the social media side of things, and for those who do happen to read this and are wondering why I do it, I just think its good to have an online diary, or blog or whatever you want to call it as I feel we are only on this planet for a relatively short space of time and the we are gone forever so if I can leave just a little piece of my travel experiences out there in cyber-space for my family, friends and whoever wants to take the time to read it then it makes me feel good that whilst there is the internet I will always be out there somewhere.

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